[manjaro-dev] espeak text to speech has been forked

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 17:42:15 CET 2016

hi all

I wrote a message to the orca and other blindness related linux lists a 
few weeks back, but I'm writing one hear. The espeak text to speech 
program and voices have been forked by reece dunn, the developer of the 
espeak fork for android. This was done because multiple people have 
tried and failed to get ahold of johnathan duddington, some going as far 
as to get his uk phone number and address, which no longer seem to be 

I have uploaded an espeak-ng package to the community repository, or a 
package build at least. This has been tested and does work on my system. 
I have not deleted the existing espeak package build because this is 
maintained by burnhard, and I won't remove other's packages without 
conscent. I have uploaded this package because most linux distributions 
have switched or are going to switch over to espeak-ng, because it seems 
unlikely that espeak itself will see much development. However this is a 
git package, temporarily. Once espeak-ng has an official release, which 
will happen very soon, I will convert this to using the stable version, 
since I think git packages are frowned upon. I hope I haven't 
misstepped, I am only trying to stay on top of things.
  I'm also not sure who should maintain this. I don't think I'm good 
enough at package builds to maintain them myself, but I could certainly 
help co maintain with someone else, updating the version to stable when 
available, making small changes hear and there so the actual maintainer 
doesn't have to do so much work. Any thoughts, criticisms, comments, etc 
very welcome
Kendell clark

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