[manjaro-dev] hplip plugin package

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Mon Nov 23 23:34:33 CET 2015

Hi Kendell,

I've to check the license of that package. There must be a reason why
Archlinux has that package in their AUR repositories.

Most likely we will add it to our community repositories. You don't have
to wonder about outdates. As hplip is constantly gettting updated you
will notice it soon or later by default.

You can put it to our community repositories after I've checked the
license issue if there is any. Then some of the boxit maintainers has to
build it for you. With time you can get also access to boxit and our
main repository server to fully maintain your packages. An automatic
build service we will add in 2016 after the relaunch of our homepage.

Thx for supporting us so far.

kind regards, Phil

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