[manjaro-dev] hplip plugin package

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 03:33:12 CET 2015

hi all
I'm thinking about adding the hplip plugin package to the ... I'm not
sure if it goes in community or not, but I'm thinking of adding it. I'm
not thrilled about the license but I think it's needed for some
printers. This will be my first manjaro package I'm maintaining, so I
have a couple of questions. How do I upload it to the repositories? Do I
simply push the pkgbuild to the git repository and it will be built and
distributed to the mirrors? How do I find out when new versions are
available? This is the main thing that's kept me from becoming a
maintainer. I don't want to have outdated packages in the repository.
I'm going to guess that you have to subscribe to announcement lists or
Kendell clark

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