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James Stortz james.ryan.stortz at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 07:30:40 CEST 2015

Good evening!

I was hoping to get a little insight from the manjaro-dev expertise. First
of all, Manjaro is great! When I was rounding up every Linux distro I could
get my hands on a few months back, Manjaro was one that really stood out
and impressed me. (Up there with Zorin & Fedora, IMO.)

I know you all do hard-ware/driver detection/installation on top of the
Arch base.

I, too, am doing a distribution from Arch. Is there any kind of advice you
would give? There ought to be a place for Distro maintainers and start-ups
to share knowledge, if there isn't. (How did you all know where to begin?)

There are a lot of major aspects to this project, but the one that actually
has to do with system is how the software upgrades work. (Oh no, not
again!) Instead of a package manager, to work with the way the system is
set up, users will just install preconfigured FS ROMs. (These will be like
individual "service-packs" for certain occasions. --like an education ROM,
a graphics ROM, a gaming ROM, etc.) More advanced users could have the
ability to generate & upload their own ROMs.

So, in that sense, it's in the same line as distros that are just selective
pre-configured environments and distros that offer spins. (This is to make
my task easier.)

As far as drivers, I need them as expected. Would it be as simple as
including everything for all platforms by default in the stock OS?

Any other advice?

Thanks & kind regards,
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