[manjaro-dev] Some a11y problems with THUS installer with need fixing future

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Wed Sep 30 10:14:54 CEST 2015

Hi List,

I using Thus installer with Orca screen reader.
With normal keyboard navigation some time the Thus installer is not full 
accessible if the screen reader running. Usable the installer for screen 
reader, but some little UI editing resulting more perfect Thus a11y 
support for screen reader users.
Affected dialogs:
1. With welcome screen, the language selection related dialog. If I 
using this dialog the TAB and SHIFT+TAB keystroke, the focus jumps 
between languages in the language list.
If I want going the next button, need press more CTRL+TAB keystroke. 
CTRL+TAB with GTK dialogs I think not a general navigation key 
combination, but I am not full sure this.
Not possible changing language list future for example from GTK List box 
to GTK Tree Table?? Not matter if future happening too with dinamic 
language change when the selection is changed, this is right.
The purpose is following in welcome screen:
If the visually impaired user would like changing the language in the 
velcome screen, a tree table simple possible selecting the proper 
language with up or down arrow key presses, or a simple search in the 
language list tree table.
After the language change is done the proper language, need press only 
two simple TAB key or one SHIFT+TAB keystroke to jump the next button.
A tipp:
If all Thus dialogs added proper button labels the "_" markup and 
declared the "use_underline" property into the UI files with True value, 
for example the next button possible activating simple with ALT+N 
keystroke with english locale.

2. If selected with not automated partitioning mode, the Edit partition 
Me after I activating the "Edit partition" button the dialog awailable 
widgets is not accessible when I use TAB or shift+TAB keystrokes.
1. With partitioning related screen select the not automatic partition mode.
2. Select a partition, and click the Edit partition button.
3. Try jumping between dialog widgets with Tab and SHIFT+TAB keystrokes.
I don't no why happening this issue, because the UI file looks good.
I doed a partially fix to Orca screen reader future right announce all 
labels with proper widgets related (mount point combo box, file system 
combo box, format check box, etc).
After the dialog activation if I press once a down arrow keystroke, with 
up or down arrow key presses Orca right announce the proper labels if I 
using the patched ui file.
I simple declared in the UI file the use_underline property with True 
value, and add "mnemonic_widget" property with proper widgets (with 
mount point related label the mount point related combo box, the file 
system related label the filesystem related combo box, etc).
I don't no why happening, but if I once the partition dialog activation 
press a down arrow key and the TAB key jumps the Label (optional) field, 
a next TAB key doesn't jumping the next awailable widget.

I attaching the example patch.

Sorry the long letter, and hopefully future possible fixing this issues.
So, all buttons need using future a mnemonic letter to the close and 
forward buttons easyer activate all dialogs with any place the key 
combination, and fixed adwanced dialogs a11y support resulting ful 
perfect a11y support for Orca screen reader.
If acceptable this little changes, I welcome working future this 
redesign, but unfortunatelly I have possibility to editing UI files only 
with Gedit.
Of course I welcome helping future with changed Thus interface testing 
for screen reader.

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