[manjaro-dev] update fail

Mike Nagie promike1987 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 10:53:12 CET 2015

Dear Manjaro developers,

I'm a little bit angry with Manjaro. Ok not too much, just a tiny bit.
I've always spread the word about Manjaro is how awesome and reliable.
After the last update something has happened. (I have a desktop PC). My 
mouse didn't work properly, sometimes worked and sometimes it did 
absolutely nothing at all. So I thought my mouse was broken, and I 
bought a new one! After I plugged in my new mouse, I realized that this 
mouse doesn't work either. oh-oOh. What could have happened? I did some 
research, I didn't find anything useful. In the end, I found out that I 
have a laptop-mode-tools package installed. I swear, I didn't install 
this. When I removed that package, everything worked fine.

I tried to play some music at my girlfriend's place yesterday. She has a 
Manjaro too. I noticed that there was no sound output, however all my 
channels are enabled and the volumes were at the top levels. When I 
plugged in the headphones I had sound. So I told her that her speakers probably 
broken. She has a Win too, and when she entered in her Windows, she had 
sound again. Oh noo!! I went back to Manjaro, and tried to figure out 
what was the problem. First I made a full update. It has led me to the 
mouse issue again, but I was soo experienced so I've just removed that 
dirty package again. -She has a desktop PC as well- I spend half hour or 
so when I found a muted channel in the pavucontrol. I'm sure I didn't muted 
the channel nor she.
I almost fell into my first mistake, and I almost suggested her to buy a 
new speaker.

/a still enthusiastic Manjaro fan/

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