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Do we some info about this issue

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From: Vincent McNicoll <vmcnicoll at sympatico.ca>
Subject: Live USB install

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Hello ! I am sad to report that I can't install Manjaro 0.8.11 with a live USB.
Been trying on a Macbook Pro 1.1(2006) and an Asus 2013 laptop as well.
The Macbook has a hybrid partition (GPT & MBR) with Bootcamp installed.
It is booting to Linux with Refit.
I copied the Manjaro ISO image to the USB stick with DD, tried with both Mac OSX and Linux.
Tried different block sizes (512k and 4096k) to no avail. It always get stuck in a loop on the bootsplash screen.
Tried both images (http & torrent).
So I'm thinking : let's see if the problem is coming from the computer, the stick, or the Linux Image?
Copied a Linux Mint 17 image to the same USB stick using DD and it is booting fine.
Here are some of the errors I could get from the verbose boot : "error opening USB device 'descriptors' file", "bad superblock", and the last one had something to do with getting the adress of some hardware component. Different errors but same result : stuck in a loop at the bootloader. I tried safe mode, text mode, no KMS, pretty much everything. No luck yet.
Very sad for me because I'm already "sold" to Manjaro because it's a rolling release, compatible with compiz, lightweight XFCE and the stock version just looks GREAT ! Please help ! I want to use it. What's the advice here? Try downloading the Manjaro-NET image?
Burn a DVD and go with that? Try an EFI boot ?
Thank you for your time !

Vincent McNicoll

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