[manjaro-dev] next pacman

ringo de kroon ringodekroon at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 07:25:12 CET 2014

But on syncfirst is for now also the keyrings and stuff.

its not only manjaro-system it sync first ? then would now like load 
manjaro-system first and checking  on importand updates first then go 
fluidly further ?
that importand updates is like keyrings as such ..

auto-updater is fine if it does first.... if there can be an sort of 
changelog build in and for pamac would be cool..

on pacman-level would be sort of log file in var/log but for pamac with 
an simple button like if known key issues with some solutions with it 


  Ringo de kroon – ringodekroon [at] gmail.com

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