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Hello everyone,

this is to let you know that as of today the branding mechanism has been

A prominent element of the whole rationale behind Calamares has always been to
discourage the proliferation of branches and forks and enable everyone to
share and work on common general-purpose solutions which can then be
customized to suit individual needs and tastes.

The branding system now allows distributors to customize strings and graphics
in their Calamares deployment without forking and without writing C++ or
Python code. Right now Calamares comes with a "default" branding component, it
lives in src/branding/default and is chosen at the end of settings.conf. A lot
of strings and images are not customizable yet, they can become so over time
as we notice unbranded strings and images which someone might want to make

A branding component is a directory, which contains a YAML file branding.desc
and other files as needed.
To roll out your own branding component "mybranding", you only need to provide
a directory called "mybranding" with a branding.desc file inside. This file is
the branding descriptor. It must specify "mybranding" as componentName, plus
your strings and paths to other resources. All paths in branding.desc must be
relative to the branding component directory. A badly formatted branding.desc,
or invalid paths in branding.desc, will result in Calamares quitting on
startup with an error message in the terminal.
If you choose to maintain your branding component in Calamares master, you
only need to put it in src/branding, together with the default one (feel free
to submit a pull request). The Calamares build system will then pick it up and
install it in /usr/share/calamares/branding.
If you choose to maintain it outside the Calamares repo and ship it yourself,
you can deploy it in /etc/calamares/branding as well.

Teo Mrnjavac
http://teom.org | teo at kde.org

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