[manjaro-dev] [Manjaro Linux Support] Won't boot after update

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Sat Sep 27 09:52:48 CEST 2014

Hi Neil,

thx for reporting this issue to us. As we are working on several 
branches to make the update as smooth as possible I need to know which 
packages got updated and which branch you're using?

Our current update in stable can be found here:


This one was released on the 2014-09-16 by Rob. You can use this thread 
to complain about issues.

In testing branch we have followed update-pack in testing:


... which will be soon replaced by Update-Pack 11-rc1:


With Update-Pack 11 we will change to Xorg-Server 1.16 series and also 
ship a new Catalyst driver. This driver was tested and works with these 

To help you out I need to know which Catalyst driver you're complaining 
about. You can send me your /var/log/pacman.log, /var/log/pamac.log and 
any other log which might help me and my team to find your problem.

Also our wiki is great for standard issues:


We are all trying to help here. For instant help you can use our IRC 


Lot of users are there to help. Sometimes you find also some of our 
support staff there.

It would help us also if you post some of your hardware details using 
mhwd in a terminal:


We are also still working on a proper AMD support:


... but this needs time and users who want to get dirty and help us as 
we mostly use Nvidia hardware at our development team.

I hope this helps you a little to solve your problem.

kind regards
Philip Müller
Manjaro Project-Lead

Am 27.09.2014 um 09:39 schrieb Neil burgin:
> From: Neil burgin <nburgin at purdue.edu>
> Subject: Won't boot after update
> Message Body:
> After updating to most recent version on September 27th, will not boot.
> I chrooted in from another system and found that uninstalling the Catalyst driver allowed it to boot, but then X won't start. I had the same problem on all kernel versions attempted. (316,317, and 310). Since I know how to chroot I will be able to install any fixes once they are in the repository,  though I don't know if this can be said for any other ATI users that might be facing this same problem.  In any case you should know something appears to be horribly wrong with Catalyst in your repository right now.
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