[manjaro-dev] [Manjaro Linux Support] Update damaged Manjaro

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Fri Aug 15 10:14:34 CEST 2014

Do we have those issues often?

Am 14.08.2014 um 22:28 schrieb Saul:
> From: Saul <saul.miranda at openmailbox.org>
> Subject: Update damaged Manjaro
> Message Body:
> Hi!
> I have Manjaro running from a 32Gb Usb drive, since in my computer the disc is damaged and I also wanted to have a portable install.
> I updated the system Tuesday. It said in update manager that I have 260 updates - I don't really like to update everything, and I don't have space to spare, I'd really prefer a way to update only what I want, and not everything.
> I updated the computer, then. And... When I restarted, both the keyboard and the mouse were no longer recognized. So, I get to login window and I cannot get beyond that point, not in normal mode nor in advanced mode. My worst fears come true: I really didn't wanted to update, but since it was already 260 packages give it a chance...
> It is the second time I loose my system after an update!!!
> I don't know what to do next: I like rolling release model, I don't like to reinstall the system all the time... But, in the end of the day, every time I have to do a major update, I loose my system. It's the second time this year. It makes me feel sad.
> I like Manjaro, but it is very annoyng to have to reject updates, or have an update function that is totally useless, since every time I use it, I get my system damaged.
> Regards
> Saul
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