[manjaro-dev] pamac 0.9.8

Guillaume Benoit guillaume at manjaro.org
Wed Mar 5 15:53:14 CET 2014

I just pushed some commits, for me the sources are good for 0.9.8.
I modified the PKGBUILD so you should be able to build it from git.
I didn't tag it to 0.9.8 because they are three new strings to translate 
( "Error", "Warning" and "Refresh") so maybe you want to wait for the 
translations to be added to tag it as 0.9.8.
The main modifications are:
- icons are no more hard coded so icons can be customized and added in 
an icon theme.
- pamac-manager doesn't auto-refresh at startup anymore so startup is 
faster and the refresh button is now in the toolbar.
- Apply and Cancel buttons in the toolbar are inactive if nothing to do.

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