[manjaro-dev] [Manjaro Linux Support] Bug in Customize Look and Feel. (LXAppearance 0.5.5)

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Mon Mar 3 19:58:07 CET 2014

Noted, thx.

Am 03.03.2014 19:22, schrieb Greg Urbanowski:
> From: Greg Urbanowski <gregurbo1 at gmail.com>
> Subject: Bug in Customize Look and Feel. (LXAppearance 0.5.5)
> Message Body:
> I found a bug in ManjaroBox 0.8.9,
> If you go into Customize Look and Feel, click on the Color tab. Change the color for (selected items), click Apply, Open Thunar and check the color for selected items and it does not change to the one you have selected (color). Try to log out and log back in and any changes revert back to stock.
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