[manjaro-dev] [Manjaro Linux Support] About 0.8.9 encryption and GRUB installation.

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Wed Feb 26 07:29:20 CET 2014

Hi Ramos,

yes, we are working on manual encryption also. We are glad that we made 
it for our automatic mode. Manjaro is still under heavy development. We 
already found a bug and fixed it: 

So you can expect that in one of our next install medias we will have 
encryption also in advanced mode.

kind regards


Am 26.02.2014 02:29, schrieb Ramos:
> From: Ramos <alexsecret at hotmail.com>
> Subject: About 0.8.9 encryption and GRUB installation.
> Message Body:
> Hi,
> I downloaded and installed the 32-bit 0.8.9 XFCE version on a virtualbox vm and did some experiments with the LUKS encryption now that Manjaro supports it.  Everything is working fine as long as the encryption is applied by the graphical installer and only automatically.  As you know, there is no option to do any kind of manual encryption in that installer.  I saw that the advanced text installer does offer the ablility to configure and encrypt the partitions manually which I did but it didn't work at all.  When I restarted the vm and the system attempted to boot the installed OS, it gave the message that it was waiting for 10" for a disk to start, there was no question about the passphrase anywhere and the system was unable to start at all.
> Here is exactly what I did:
> 1. I created two partitions on the virtual HD.  The 1st one was a primary EXT2 300 MB partition which was mounted as /boot.  The 2nd was marked to be used by LVM and it used the rest of the disk's empty space.
> 2. I encrypted only the 2nd one using the "create LUKS encryption" option.
> 3. I created an LVM2 group inside the encrypted 2nd partition and I split it in two by creating one logical volume for root and another one for swap.  Those 2 logical volumes were inside the LVM2 group of course.
> 4. At the next step, when I was asked what partition to use as /, what as swap and what as /boot, I did the corresponding assignments.
> The installer saw all volumes correctly, formatted them accordingly and installed the system successfully.  After that, I restarted the vm.
> The reason why a manual partition encryption method is needed is because the laptop keeps a hidden partition on the disk for its own utilities for system tests etc and I do not want to delete this partition by using the automatic installation/encryption method.  For this same reason, the ability to install GRUB on /dev/sda1 instead of /dev/sda is also necessary.  But when I tried this, the text installer returned an error.  Why is this type of GRUB installation not recommended by the way?  I've tried it numerous times on other distros and it works 100% ok.
> Other than that, Manjaro is great and thanks a lot for your work guys.  If you can help on completing the above steps successfully, I'd appreciate it.  Thank you again.  ;)
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