[manjaro-dev] [Manjaro Linux Support] Startup bug

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Mon Feb 24 19:36:37 CET 2014

Anyone ideas about it?

Am 24.02.2014 17:37, schrieb Shashi Warrier:
> From: Shashi Warrier <swarrier9 at rediffmail.com>
> Subject: Startup bug
> Message Body:
> Hardware: Toshiba Satellite dual core laptop with 2GB RAM/Hitachi 300GB hard disk/Intel graphics card/Atheros 8162 ethernet card/Realtek 8723ae wifi card
> Problem:  The system sometimes hangs during the boot process at one of two stages.
> Stage 1:  Message: "Starting Livemedia config script", followed by the message "A start job is running for Livemedia config script".
> If the system gets past stage 1, the next step is stage 2, when there is a message, "Starting Livemedia MHWD script", followed by the message "A start job is running for LIvemedia MHWD script"
> If the system gets past these two stages without a problem, everything works fine.
> It hangs at stage 2 more frequently than at stage 1. Overall, these bugs prevent the system from booting roughly twenty per cent of the time, which means that every fifth boot or so is a failure.
> This has happened with another Arch-based system (ArchBang) as well.
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