[manjaro-dev] Manjaro Netbook Edition

Rob McCathie korrode at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 18:02:21 CET 2014

Hi everyone,

I've been working on a 'Netbook Edition' of Manjaro for a while now.
( http://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=7319.0 )

I believe the state i've got it to is good enough for release, so i've
tagged it 0.8.8 and uploaded the final ISO today.

The ManjaroISO configs can be viewed on the Manjaro GIT (so long as
you have an account).

Although I was able to modify the buildiso script so I could build an
ISO called "netbook", Thus and the CLI installer didn't want to
install it, so instead, for now, you'll see the configs are tagged
with the label "xfce".

Probably some tweaking and perhaps a little cleaning up is needed in
the config files, but the produced ISO works just great.

If anyone wanted to test it out, please note Compiz 0.8.x seems to
have some issues in VirtualBox, so it's better to test on some real
hardware (though when in Live mode there is a menu option to start a
customised AwesomeWM instance, so the environment can still be usable
in VBox)... and if that real hardware doesn't have a small 7-11"
screen, try to imagine if it did. Since small screens/resolutions and
maximising screen real estate is one of the key points to the respin.


So yeah, if you guys like it and think it's worthwhile, I submit it
for inclusion with the other community editions on the Sourceforge
download page. :)

Rob McCathie (korrode)

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