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Hmm, I got an interesting e-mail today in my inbox.
What do you think?



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Subject: 	Manjaro vs Arch
Date: 	Sat, 7 Dec 2013 22:38:59 -0500
From: 	Keith Curtis <keithcu at gmail.com>
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Manjaro is an interesting project. Adding a simpler first step into
the Arch world is an extremely valuable idea.

However, I have some suggestions:

1. Enable Manjaro setup to run out of the Arch repositories so people
aren't locked in to your walled garden.
2. Cancel your wiki and encourage those fresh faces to further improve
the Arch one and discourage learned helplessness.
3. Call yourself Arch so that you get better combined numbers on
distrowatch, and more news articles. Any name is fine.

I can understand that you might not want to consider anything so
radical. You've probably come to love the name Manjaro, and are
excited by the recent success and new users, etc.

However, in general, it is best if people specialize. I'd love a
pretty (HiDPI) installer that did all the right things for me
including following the best practices from the wiki, setting up
Plymouth, etc. That problem is plenty big for a team of your size. I
can think of many ways Arch could have a better out of box experience
but it can entirely be done from a custom ISO from the standard
repositories and one extra. That gives you plenty of flexibility for
innovation, yet runs things more stream-lined for you.

One of the benefits of the above is that you will run your efforts
more efficiently, so you will have more time to work on the important
problems rather than all the grunt work of creating a full distro and
a new brand, dealing with security bugs, keeping up with the flood of
packages, needing to manage mirrors wikis, forums, etc. Do you want to
make a new brand, or do you want to help Arch kick ass? Also, how much
are you giving back to Arch right now?

Here is an article I wrote that discusses these ideas in more detail:

Great job! Please focus.

What do you think?


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