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Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Sat Nov 14 18:15:28 CET 2015

Am 14.11.2015 um 18:12 schrieb Jose Ignacio de la Hera:
> Hi.
> i've been trying to install manjaro for near a week.
> Other times i had installed it was without any troubles.
> This time i'm trying to install it in my new acer aspire v nitro with a
> dual boot with w10.
> I don't know if the firmware have any locks for install linux. I don't
> think so, because i don't have any problems on the linux mint 17 start.
> I'm starting on the uefi mode with the security boot disabled (i've tryed
> with legacy, but the result is the same), and the sistem don't have fast
> boot.
> The result is at the first time, the problem i ser is failed loading
> modules of linux kernel, see systemctl for more Info.
> Next it comes failed to start login service, see systemctl for more info.
> And at the end it comes the results that you can see at the image. There
> are several failures (such as blootooth or network manager).
> At last, the live media mhwd runs, and stay at infinite loop (i've hold it
> untill the minute 55 sometimes).
> I've search the kernel failure on the net, but all solutions are for
> virtual machines, or need command line (thing i don't have while it is
> starting).
> Maybe it is because the cd, but i've used on other installs, and i didn't
> had any troubles (and i had burned another cd and a USB with the latest
> version, but the result is the same).
> I don’t know what can i try, why the troubles come whit this manjaro or how
> can i solve it.
> I've could install mint at last, but i will like to be manjaro.
> Sorry for the troubles, and sorry if it is not perfect english.
> Thanks for your time and your efforts with this OS.

Hi Jose,

did you do a checksum check for the ISO. It seems it is busted. Also
which hardware do you use? Has it a hybrid card from AMD/ATI?

mhwd -lh
mhwd -l
hwinfo --gfx

kind regards

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