[manjaro-security] [arch-security] [ASA-201705-23] postgresql: information disclosure

Remi Gacogne rgacogne at archlinux.org
Tue May 30 20:04:24 CEST 2017

Arch Linux Security Advisory ASA-201705-23

Severity: Medium
Date    : 2017-05-30
CVE-ID  : CVE-2017-7484 CVE-2017-7486
Package : postgresql
Type    : information disclosure
Remote  : Yes
Link    : https://security.archlinux.org/AVG-272


The package postgresql before version 9.6.3-1 is vulnerable to
information disclosure.


Upgrade to 9.6.3-1.

# pacman -Syu "postgresql>=9.6.3-1"

The problems have been fixed upstream in version 9.6.3.




- CVE-2017-7484 (information disclosure)

A security issue has been found in PostgreSQL < 9.6.3, where some
selectivity estimation functions did not check user privileges before
providing information from pg_statistic, possibly leaking information.
An unprivileged attacker could use this flaw to steal some information
from tables they are otherwise not allowed to access.

- CVE-2017-7486 (information disclosure)

A security issue has been found in PostgreSQL < 9.6.3, where the
pg_user_mappings view disclosed user mapping options to any user having
USAGE privilege on the associated foreign server, including the
password. An attacker could then use the password to run arbitrary
queries against the server or others accepting the same credentials,
not just the limited queries one can issue via foreign tables.


An unprivileged, authenticated attacker can access sensitive
information on the vulnerable server.



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