[manjaro-packages] [TODO] Perl 5.26 rebuild in 'unstable'

Bernhard Landauer oberon at manjaro.org
Tue Jun 6 13:48:16 CEST 2017

I think I haven't figured out, yet, how to use those scripts...
I have placed the module-to-dist.pl one in PATH and when I run 
find-broken-perl-packages.sh I get

error: no targets specified (use -h for help)
results are in "/tmp/find-broken-perl-package.x3uyWQ8o"
  - {local-,}raw.txt is a list of files that caused errors
  - pacman.txt is a list of packages that need to be rebuilt. Those are 
likely AUR packages
  - local-perl-dists.txt is a list of cpan distributions installed to 
site_perl. Use cpan to rebuild them
additional files:
  - {local-,}perl-modules.txt is a list of cpan modules that caused errors
  - perl-dists.txt is a list of cpan distributions that caused errors

The files in the resulting /tmp/find-broken... folder are all empty


Which 'targets' can I specify?

On 06/06/17 13:37, Philip Müller wrote:
> User feedback may be also found in our forum [1].
> [1] https://forum.manjaro.org/t/25268

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