[manjaro-packages] [Current Testing] KDE, Gnome, Kernels, Browser, Mesa

Bernhard Landauer oberon at manjaro.org
Fri May 12 18:15:51 CEST 2017

As already said, in totally for a stable update.
Stuff like openssl will partly need adjustment and intervention, sure but on the other hand the holding back also creates problems of incompatabilities with AUR packages...

Am 12. Mai 2017 10:48:04 MESZ schrieb "Philip Müller" <philm at manjaro.org>:
>Hi all,
>our last stable update was end of April on the 25.04.; Now several
>passed by in which we updated most of our packages against upstream
>ABI/API changes with several libraries and such.
>More and more I think we should check if another update of our stable
>branch would make sense, since we have now a huge bunch of packages in
>our current testing branch.
>This will bring also a lot of security updates, but also some changes,
>which might create new issues we have to deal with. Example would be
>OpenSSL move to v1.1 series. That had broken some games within Steam.
>Most from the company Federal Interactive.
>From my personal point of view, we are ready. Thoughts?
>greez, Phil
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