[manjaro-packages] archlinux-appstream-data package

FH mjro at uex.dk
Fri Mar 10 10:56:57 CET 2017

On Fri, 2017-03-10 at 09:32 +0100, Stéphane wrote:
> Greetings,
> As I've been mentioned I permit to add my inputs. ;)

Great - thanks for responding :)

> I think the difference is more that the arch appstream database don't
> have all the added manjaro sofware
> like as octopi, pamac, thunderbird-kde, firefox-kde and all other
> packages that is not in arch.

But otherwise the same

> I don't think manjaro remove a lot of packages coming from arch
> beside
> technical packages like as
> kernels, graphic drivers, and all related stuff making manjaro
> different
> from arch. and I don't think those
> packages are in the apprstream database,.

probably not but those would exist in core AFAIK

> regarding to maintain a manajaro-appstream-data package. it would be
> great. but it have maybe some cons:
> I don't know exactly how works upstream but as I understand it:
>  - it takes some info from the repository database (not all packages)
> -  it takes other info from an other database or xml files, or I
> don't
> know how (category, icons,  more detailed descriptions?, others?)
> -  Does the description support localization? if yes it's more work.


> to have a manjaro-appstream-data packages mean that this package
> should
> not have the same name as the arch one. then all the packages
> that depend on it (gnome software, discover) need to be modified and
> maintained by manjaro too, or that the new package should define
> "archlinux-appstream-data" as provide.
> is it the right way? or maybe asking archlinux to rename their
> package
> with a more generic name or something like this?:

The PKGBUILD for arch-appstream-data is found here

I don't know much about packaging and what is doable - in this it is
learning by doing :)

I have a complete set of appstream-builder generated files build
against manjaro repo.

They can be found at https://www.uex.dk/repos/appstream

I am currently investigating how gnome-software is configured.

Maybe a joined effort could solve eventual mysteries in this approach?

Regards . 

Frede H.

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