[manjaro-packages] Clipgrab

Márton Szabó notramo at vipmail.hu
Thu Feb 16 17:20:37 CET 2017

There is a 'clipgrab-3.6.2-1' package in the [community] repo, and a 'clipgrab-3.6.3-1' in the AUR. It is wrong, because if I want to install the package from the AUR, I can't do it with Pamac, and the 'clipgrab-3.6.2-1' in the repo is unusable. I think Clipgrab is a very good program for newbies who cannot use you-get, or youtube-dl. A newbie can't install packages from the AUR, that's why I think Manjaro should adopt the package as 'clipgrab-manjaro', or some similar.
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