[manjaro-packages] Add AMDGPU Powerplay support in 4.5 RCs (please)

Maximilian Böhm winlux at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 01:22:24 CET 2016

Hello, would be very welcome if the Linux 4.5 RC2+ packages could be
compiled with the Kconfig option "CONFIG_DRM_AMD_POWERPLAY" enabled. This
includes the GPU re-clocking (higher frequencies than the absolute minimum)
for the new AMDGPU kernel driver for AMD Tonga and Fiji based GPUs. This
would harm nobody: To actually enable it one must still set a boot
parameter in Linux 4.5: amdgpu.powerplay=1. But it would then already be in
the kernel. Would be cool if you could consider this. See [1] for a
comparison of GPU performance without and with AMD Powerplay enabled.
Thank you!

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