[manjaro-mirrors] Please help to change IP of free.nchc.org.tw in white list

FSLab NCHC fslab at nchc.org.tw
Wed Jun 12 03:49:03 CEST 2019

To Manjaro team ,

This is FSLab team at NCHC(National Center for High-performance
Computing) from Taiwan and provide Manjaro mirror service via
http://free.nchc.org.tw/manjaro/ .
Due to our server IP changed , we  got a access deny form upstream
(rsync://repo.manjaro.org/repos ).
Would you please help to change the follow IP information into white list :
IPv4 :
IPv6 : 2001:e10:2000:240:266e:96ff:fe2a:1f65

More info:
FQDN: free.nchc.org.tw
Bandwidth : 10G
Service  : http(s) , ftp, rsync

Thanks for your help n advanced !!


    Chenkai (Ceasar) Sun


Chen-Kai Sun (Ceasar)
National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan
PGP Key: 4096R/6768B31F (ceasar.sun at gmail.com;ceasar at nchc.org.tw )
Fingerprint: D20D 8A19 58BE 95B2 20DF  60F2 A658 0CE9 6768 B31F

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