[manjaro-mirrors] New NZ Manjaro Mirror

Theo Morra theo at morra.nz
Sun Dec 16 13:44:35 CET 2018


We’ve started mirroring Manjaro. The URL(s) for the mirror are:

http://manjaro.mirrors.theom.nz <http://manjaro.mirrors.theom.nz/>
rsync://rsync.mirrors.theom.nz/manjaro <rsync://rsync.mirrors.theom.nz/manjaro>

This mirror is sponsored by myself (running as TheoM’s Mirror Service), with a great deal of support from 2degrees. We have 2 nodes currently, one in Auckland, NZ, and one in Christchurch, NZ. I’d appreciate it if we are able to sync from the master mirrors, and we usually sync 4 times a day.

As you can imagine, we’re in NZ, and I believe the first mirror in NZ at that.

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