[manjaro-mirrors] GARR Mirror update

Paolo Velati paolo.velati at garr.it
Wed Nov 7 21:40:15 CET 2018

Dear Manjaro repository maintainers,

I'm a maintainer of the GARR Mirror system.
I'm contacting you because we are planning a new layout to improve 
performance and availability of our mirror system.

The new url for the Manjaro repo is 
http://manjaro.mirror.garr.it/manjaro, please update all lists, the old 
name will be working as legacy system.
If any other names are required please inform us.

The new system will provide only HTTP access and, only if required, HTTPS.
We are planning to provide a pool of reverse proxy, behind round-robin 
DNS, with IPv4 and IPv6.

Afterwards, we would like to use pull-rsync method to keep the mirror in 
If official documentation is available, I would kindly ask you to send 
me a link.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Paolo Velati
     --- For the GARR Mirror Team

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