[manjaro-mirrors] Fwd: Something change of the Mirrro site

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Fri Jan 12 19:35:41 CET 2018

Hi Philip,
      We are Shanghai University Open Source Community. And we have
changed the mirror site domain. Here are the details of our mirror:

      HTTP URL:    https://mirrors.shu.edu.cn/manjaro
      FTP URL:  ftp://mirrors.shu.edu.cn/manjaro
      RSYNC URL:  rsync://mirrors.shu.edu.cn/manjaro
      Bandwidth:   2Gbps
      Disk:    it's enough to host the manjaro archive repo and cd images.
      Rsync from:     repo.manjaro.org
      Contact:   osc at oa.shu.edu.cn

We are so sorry to trouble you.

Best wishes,
Li Shengzhou
Shanghai University Open Source Community.

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