[manjaro-mirrors] [Ticket#2016042304004963] CEDIA mirror question - Manjaro Repo outdated

CEDIA FOSS Mirrors mirror at cedia.org.ec
Tue Apr 26 01:43:55 CEST 2016

thanks for writting
we were using unicamp brazil mirror, I see it is no longer listed nor working.
So I have changed to another one.

Could you please let me know which is the best mirror to use in order to
properly sync the repo?


Ernesto Perez 
La principal herramienta de Investigación en el Ecuador.

Calle La Condamine 12-109 "Casa Rivera". Cuenca - Ecuador
Telf: (593) 7405 1000 Ext. 4220/4223
Info at cedia.org.ec /www.cedia.org.ec

04/23/2016 16:20 - Philip Müller wrote: Hi Ernesto, hi Paul,

seems your mirror is a little outdated on the Manjaro repository. The
last sync was 1673:36 hours ago on your end. You can check this on our
mirror service: [1]http://repo.manjaro.org

Is there anything we can do from our end to help you guys refreshing
your mirror for Manjaro?

kind regards
Philip Müller
Manjaro Project Lead

[1] http://repo.manjaro.org
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