[manjaro-general] Orca screen rreader issue on AArch64 Bit Manjaro distro

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Mon Mar 20 17:36:48 CET 2023

Dear users and developers on this mailing list,
	I have A big issue not only with Manjaro AArch64 Bit on Termux, Android 9.0 and Proot.

What is happening with The Orca screen reader?

When Orca screen reader is being correctly terminated, after several times, it refuses to start.
Simptoms are various.
>From Dbind warning can not connect to accessibility bus.
Or issues, that socket in Home/janusz/at-spiregistryd can not be found.

By other words, I Am facing big issues with some specific Linux sockets.
It is very unpleasant reality, because older releases of Linux distributions, 100 % did not suffered because of this problém.

Manjaro contain many useful precompiled aplication packages.
How I AM using Orca screen reader on Android device?
After long time research, I have found out, that using Xserver Xsdl or some VNC Android client app have strong disadvantage.
Orca screen reader is based on reliable Xkb protocol support and on reliable keyboard scancodes.
No presently available Vnc protocol Android clients apps can not guarantee that.
Fortunately, one perspective Android developer has introduced Xwayland protocol support.
His experimental Xwayland Android client app work like a Charm.
All hot keys are perfectly detected by Orca.
User can choose his keyboard input language and his choice is totally independent on Android language input keyboard settings.
But it is necessary to respect authors development app phylosophy.
App run from Termux so outside from other Linux distribution which is being executed by using Proot C language special app.
But issues with Orca sockets and atspiregistryd module is presented even if I Am using Tigervnc and some Vnc protocol Android client app.
Orca can not be started and used.
Sad reality for Me.
Because Manjaro allow Me to use my loving and popular Tuner Internet radio player for Linux.
Any tips are very welcomed.
I can not root my phone because for user who do not see at all is very unpleasant task to work with custom ROMs witout reliable feetback.

Thank you for your tips.

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