[manjaro-general] Manjaro Torrent

Frédéric Tobias Christ fc at ntr.li
Fri May 6 15:32:30 CEST 2022


I just ran into an issue with Manjaro's images.

I wanted to check out Manjaro and downloading the iso via torrent 
doesn't worked. My investigation revealed that the used tracker 
(tracker.opentrackr.org) doesn't support IPv6. Since transmission 
obviously has issues with NAT64 (that is used in my company network), I 
cannot download the OS image via torrent.

I just wanted to suggest switching to a modern tracker supporting IPv4 
and IPv6 like "torrent.eu.org". Other Dual-Stack trackers can be found 
here: https://newtrackon.com/list

For instance Arch Linux hosts it's own tracker and download via my 
(IPv6-only NAT64) connection is no problem at all.

Is this the right place, or should I report that somewhere else?


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