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Matthieu manjaro at zhext.tk
Fri Jan 8 15:50:32 CET 2021


I'm new on manjaro but an old Linux user (Debian).

Recently i up to date my donations on Liberapay <https://liberapay.com> 
and see a "Manjaro <https://liberapay.com/Manjaro/>" and "Manjaro-ARM 
<https://en.liberapay.com/Manjaro-ARM/>" page ! By conscience i verify 
on manjaro web site <https://manjaro.org/donate/> to be sure it's not a 
fake or trap, but there no mention.

I google it and found an message on archived forum 
for the "Manjaro-ARM" page, but nothing for the other. On reddit we can 
find a question 
without response about liberapay.

So my question is, can i safely donate on the "Manjaro 
<https://liberapay.com/Manjaro/>" liberapay page ? It's still active ?


PS : Sorry for my bad english (french native)

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