[manjaro-general] Malfunction in the operating system

Garen Delly garen.delly at bk.ru
Mon Mar 23 12:45:12 CET 2020

On pages on the Internet and in Windows of the operating system, the mouse wheel slowly scrolls the pages. There are no settings for page scrolling speed with the mouse wheel.
When opening the phone's memory from a computer via KDEConnect in folders with a large number of files, the computer hangs for a long time and the folder always shows that there is allegedly 1000 GB of free space.
The action options icons that appear after clicking any button in the Logout menu when logging out are displayed only in English (Russian is required). However, the label indicating the time before applying the default button is displayed in Russian.
The right part of the taskbar is not displayed correctly: the clock display is located very close to the lower-right edge of the screen.
In the settings section "Applications"->"Paths", the settings are now displayed in English. be in Russian. In the same section, but in the "Applications -> terminal Emulator" subsection, it is not possible to put another emulator in the corresponding line by default using the substitution corresponding to the command call of a terminal emulator. When you try, for example, to open a folder from the terminal, "Konsole" is launched.
This may also apply to other sections of"default Apps".
In the settings section "Network and communication"->"Connections", the graphic design of the left column indicating connections was slightly unsuccessful.
Text fields and sections in the settings are scaled slightly incorrectly. They come out in full length, although the length can be shortened.
In the "Localization" - > "date and time" section, the graphic design of the interactive calendar is poorly developed.
In settings elements that contain images, the image quality is low.
Garen Delly
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