[manjaro-general] uninstall to upgarde

Pietro Govoni pietro.govoni at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 15:48:34 CET 2020

Dear Manjaro fans,

I am a newbie that is using Manjaro rarely and I have an old manjaro installation, which I'd like to update to a more recent one.
With either yay or yaourt I end up in something that looks like a loop: I cannot upgrade because python-gast (installed) is conflicting with python-gast2 (to be installed I guess).
I cannot remove python-gast though, since it's needed in the dependencies for python-tensorflow, which I cannot remove since it's needed or tensorflow... which I cannot remove, because it would break dependencies for python-tensorflow.

How can I (violently if needed) tell Manjaro to update doing all what is needed, removing all what has to be removed, cleaning all what has to be cleaned, erasing all what has to be erased .... you got the idea :), and have an up-to-date clean thing where I may, if I wish install new versions of stuff?

Best regards,


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