[manjaro-general] Development errors

Garen Delly garen.delly at bk.ru
Thu Oct 10 17:37:34 CEST 2019

Hello, dear developers of "Manjaro Linux".
I would like to complain that Your operating system has very small flaws that prevent you from just resting in this operating system, but even sometimes working.
For example, when you need to print a document in" LibreOffice", it gives the paper type "Letter" in the parameters, although the format I need is "A4". I tried to change the standard format in the settings. But after leaving the settings, I saw the same thing as before - "Letter".
Also, the shortcomings on some graphical elements in the Windows are confusing. Some buttons, for example, in the settings, continue to "glow" after pressing them.
There are problems with the translation of some interface elements. You can complain about the very logical designation of the buttons: in the settings, or in the same "LibreOffice" before the "restart" button is "selection box". I have a suggestion that instead of this element, it would be possible to put all the usual "circle".
You can also note the hanging "wheel of choice" in the initial installer Manjaro Linux appears to load the operating system (which can "reboot", "test memory", and set "time zone").
Sometimes "glitches" occur with some Windows, be it console or graphical environment. Here I can tell you how I tried to run the program with the rights of "Superuser", and when each time an error was issued, the window grew larger and larger.
You can highlight the fact that the operating system can reset the BIOS clock. And I could not find a working antivirus for the operating system. In the search box, the query text changed the font and dimension.
I also have a suggestion to make it possible to save user and standard settings in Manjaro Linux and its programs so that they can be transferred to other computers or reset the entire system and programs at once.
If you think about it, you can find a few more smaller errors and offer a lot more.
But, in General, Manjaro Linux 18.1.0 (which I installed only today, switching to it from the previous version) on the working environment of KDE Plasma 5, I really like it. I think You are not in vain kept at the very pinnacle of fame among other versions of Linux. I fully support the development team.
 user of Manjaro Linux.
Garen Delly
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