[manjaro-general] mandb, and mail user directory, not setup during installation and updating

Ioannis Vranos ioannis.vranos at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 21:38:31 CET 2019

Hi everyone,

Manjaro installation, and installation of updates, do not run mandb,
to create/update the man page index caches.

As a result, one can not search the existing man pages with man -k, or apropos.

Also, s-nail ("mail" command) is preinstalled, but the appropriate
user mail file is not created. I am sending a screenshot attached with
this email, that shows the error message.

The solution is to run once:

touch /var/spool/mail/userName

where userName is the user name.

Then, "mail" works OK.

I think both issues are important.

Best regards,


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