[manjaro-general] How to choose where to install software?

Bernhard Landauer oberon at manjaro.org
Sat Jun 2 00:43:51 CEST 2018

You questions reflect a windows way of thinking of an OS. ;)

In Linux the situation is a little bit different than you may be used to.

When you say "install apps to..." you need to distinguish between

a. where the downloaded packages will be stored
b. where the actual installed files will be copied to

a. is located in /var, while b. varies quite a bit between different
packages. Typically it concerns /usr and /etc, sometimes /opt
So, wherever you have those mounted on your installation the data will
be physically stored.

The thing with updates accumulating on the disk is also something that
is different than you may be used to.
Although, if you don't do anything, all versions of the updated packages
will be collected in /var/cache/pacman/pkg BUT it's totally up to you if
or how many versions you want to keep there.
To clean out the cache you can use the tool paccache, which provides
some very useful options:

$ paccache --help
paccache v1.0.0

A flexible pacman cache cleaning utility.

Usage: paccache <operation> [options] [targets...]

    -d, --dryrun          perform a dry run, only finding candidate packages.
    -m, --move <dir>      move candidate packages to "dir".
    -r, --remove          remove candidate packages.

    -a, --arch <arch>     scan for "arch" (default: all architectures).
    -c, --cachedir <dir>  scan "dir" for packages. can be used more than once.
                          (default: read from /etc/pacman.conf).
    -f, --force           apply force to mv(1) and rm(1) operations.
    -h, --help            display this help message and exit.
    -i, --ignore <pkgs>   ignore "pkgs", comma-separated. Alternatively, specify
                          "-" to read package names from stdin, newline-
    -k, --keep <num>      keep "num" of each package in the cache (default: 3).
        --nocolor         remove color from output.
    -q, --quiet           minimize output
    -u, --uninstalled     target uninstalled packages.
    -v, --verbose         increase verbosity. specify up to 3 times.
    -z, --null            use null delimiters for candidate names (only with -v
                          and -vv).


On 02/06/18 00:12, Tyrone Walton wrote:
> I'm running Manjaro Deepin on a HP Stream. I'm using two 64gb Sd cards
> as storage. So far I've got 40gb free on the main drive. With updates,
> I'd like to know how to install apps to my other 64gb card. 
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