[manjaro-general] Community Editions 17.1.4 [Cinnamon, Deepin, i3]

Manjaro Linux: Bernhard Landauer jonathon at manjaro.org
Mon Feb 5 14:02:28 CET 2018

We are happy to announce our new snapshot release **17.1.4**.  
New install media are available of course for the official flavours **XFCE**, **KDE** and **GNOME** but as usual, will also be made available for a number of Community Editions.

Currently already available are **Cinnamon**, **Deepin** and **i3**:

* * *


![Manjaro-Cinnamon 17.1.4][1]

• new design with **adapta-maia-themes** and a bunch of beautiful new wallpapers by @muser  
• fixed default folder listing in **background settings** dialog  
• switched to **gnome-terminal-fedora** adding transparency feature  
• adjusted position of **removable devices** panel applet  
• **Calamares** using light theme to avoid unreadable warning messages  
• enabled **avahi** and **add-autologin-group** service by default

* * *


![Manjaro-Deepin 17.1.4][2]

• new default wallpaper by @muser  
• added new native app **deepin-draw**  
• added redshift, adding **'Night Shift'** switch in control-center display settings  
• removed some unneeded and out-of-place features of **deepin-session-ui** and **deepin-control-center** in custom overly packages.

* * *


![Manjaro-I3 17.1.4][3]  
• switched to **slick-greeter**  
• some little adjustments of **ranger** and **dunst** config  
• apart from that, this is merely an update and rebuild

Enjoy the variety of Manjaro's flavours!

Bernhard Landauer  
_Manjaro Community_


  * [Download Manjaro Community Editions][4]
  * [Forum Post][5]
  * [Donate][6]


   [1]: https://forum.manjaro.org/uploads/default/original/3X/0/b/0b8d094ff5f934d596c5efa1db6e88fb0510af44.png
   [2]: https://forum.manjaro.org/uploads/default/original/3X/2/b/2b338633fd57d148f18b6a2a0eefef23d864258a.png
   [3]: https://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/i3_17.1.1.png
   [4]: https://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarolinux-community/files/?source=navbar
   [5]: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/community-editions-cinnamon-deepin-and-i3-updated-to-17-1-4/39814
   [6]: https://manjaro.org/donate/
   [7]: https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmanjaro.org%2F2018%2F02%2F05%2Fcommunity-editions-17-1-4-cinnamon-deepin-i3%2F&via=ManjaroLinux

URL: https://manjaro.org/2018/02/05/community-editions-17-1-4-cinnamon-deepin-i3/

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