[manjaro-general] [Stable Update] 2017-09-16 – Kernels, Mesa, VirtualBox, Pamac, KDE, GCC, Removal of OpenRC

Manjaro Linux: Philip Müller jonathon at manjaro.org
Sat Sep 16 20:10:44 CEST 2017

[![system_software_update][1]][2]Hi community,

with just over one week we have a new update for you. We updated **Mesa** to **v17.2** series, which includes new drivers and other goodies, updated some of our kernels, added latest **KDE Frameworks v5.38** plus having **GCC v7.2** as our latest compiler. If you have difficulties to update, please install additional **multilib** packages of **gcc** first, so a full upgrade is possible.

Additionally we have the latest **VirtualBox** and **Bluez** packages plus **Python** and **CertBot** renewed. KDE locales got prepared to support **Plasma v5.11** series. Last but not least we fixed some **BTRFS** and **LOCALES** issues we had within **Calamares**, when installed for example with German locales.

Guillaume released **Pamac v6.0**. It now supports appstream. With this update, however, we also removed the support of **OpenRC** and decided to ditch **linux312** and **linux48** series. Please move to another kernel series, if you still use those. No extramodule updates will be provided for these series.

Please report back and give us feedback for given changes made to our repositories.

kind regards

Philip Müller  
_Manjaro Project Lead_

* * *

**Current supported Kernels**

  * linux310 3.10.107
  * linux316 3.16.48
  * linux318 3.18.71 [EOL]
  * linux41 4.1.43
  * linux44 4.4.88
  * linux49 4.9.50
  * linux410 4.10.17 [EOL]
  * linux411 4.11.12 [EOL]
  * linux412 4.12.13
  * linux413 4.13.2
  * linux-RT-LTS 4.9.40_rt30 (x86_64)
  * linux-RT 4.11.12_rt12 (x86_64)

**Package Updates** (Sat Sep 16 11:06:16 CEST 2017)

  * community i686: 336 new and 470 removed package(s)
  * community x86_64: 353 new and 479 removed package(s)
  * core i686: 36 new and 40 removed package(s)
  * core x86_64: 38 new and 42 removed package(s)
  * extra i686: 337 new and 381 removed package(s)
  * extra x86_64: 350 new and 397 removed package(s)
  * multilib x86_64: 28 new and 31 removed package(s)

* * *


  * [Talk about this update-pack in our forum][3]
  * [Download Manjaro 17.0.5][4]
  * [We are always happy for some support via a small donation][5]


   [1]: https://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/system_software_update.png
   [2]: https://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/system_software_update.png ([Stable Update] 2017-09-16 - Kernels, Mesa, VirtualBox, Pamac, KDE, GCC, Removal of OpenRC)
   [3]: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/31192
   [4]: https://manjaro.org/get-manjaro/
   [5]: https://manjaro.org/donate/
   [6]: https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmanjaro.org%2F2017%2F09%2F16%2Fstable-update-2017-09-16-kernels-mesa-virtualbox-pamac-kde-gcc-removal-of-openrc%2F&via=ManjaroLinux

URL: https://manjaro.org/2017/09/16/stable-update-2017-09-16-kernels-mesa-virtualbox-pamac-kde-gcc-removal-of-openrc/

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