[manjaro-general] Manjaro Cinnamon Community Edition 17.0 released

Manjaro Linux: Bernhard Landauer jonathon at manjaro.org
Sat Apr 1 13:19:02 CEST 2017


The Cinnamon Desktop Environment is known to be quickly familiar for users new to Linux. Intuitive and easy to configure, yet with some eye-candy and everything you can expect from a modern desktop.

The Manjaro Cinnamon Community Edition features

  * the complete native **X-apps **stack, including image viewers/browsers **pix** and **xviewer**, text editor **xed**, media-player **xplayer** and document viewer **xreader**.
  * native **cinnamon-sounds**
  * **nemo** filebrowser
  * mozilla **firefox** and **thunderbird**
  * **hexchat** and **transmission-gtk**
  * office suite **libreoffice-fresh**
  * **gimp**
  * popular music manager **pragha**
  * **gnome-disk-utility** and **baobab** disk analyser
  * package manager **pamac**, **isousb** and **dconf-editor**
  * **base-devel** group and **yaourt** for AUR access
  * of course the Manjaro goodies: **Manjaro-Hardware-Detection**, **Manjaro-Settings-Manager** and our new multilingual welcome screen **Manjaro-Hello**.

We hope you enjoy this edition and welcome your feedback on the [Manjaro Forums][3]

* * *

kind regards, Bernhard Landauer and the awesome Manjaro Community


  * [Download Manjaro Cinnamon 17.0][4]
  * [Torrent Download][5]
  * [Talk about this release in our forum][6]
  * [We are always happy for some support via a small donation][7]

   [1]: https://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/cinnamon-170-300x171.png
   [2]: https://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/cinnamon-170.png (Manjaro Cinnamon Community Edition 17.0 released)
   [3]: https://forum.manjaro.org/
   [4]: https://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarolinux-community/files/cinnamon/17.0/
   [5]: https://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarotorrents/files/community/cinnamon/17.0/
   [6]: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/manjaro-cinnamon-17-0/19025
   [7]: https://manjaro.org/donate/

URL: https://manjaro.org/2017/03/08/manjaro-cinnamon-community-edition-17-0-released/

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