[manjaro-general] manjaro-general Digest, Vol 26, Issue 7

Tim Evans encode2.tevans at gmail.com
Sun May 15 09:55:35 CEST 2016

No Libreoffice spell check, synonym list, or Thesaurus. Strike one.
The crippling of fluxbox and icewm are screwball. Really now a menu of a
terminal, and Firefox. Not cool, strike two.
No vi until you download it.   half a strike.
A huge download of upgrades that bombs because the key-ring needs merging
with archlinux's key-ring. Half a strike. Really that should be step
one.Merge the key-rings.
I do like the rolling release model.
I tired pepperment and it is fun for a light user. But has frequent
freezes, and once locked up.  I do like their Ice package. I have retreated
to Ubuntu Studio. I got the ice package installed it is a standard old
 Debian package.
I  see they use command line switches. here are Chrome's command line
parameters explained.   hhttp://
A great list. I tried ./chrome --help and got nothing.

I would like Ice to allow the use of run time parameters. But we do not
always get what we want. Here is Webby that does what Ice does and it is
free, and made for Linux.

The best KDE? PclinuxOS the full Monty.

I tried Open Suse and was annoyed that if reformatted and used my 64GB
thumb drive. So i fixed my 64 GB making it back to Fat32.  I took out all
my USB devices and external hard drives and Installed again.Much to my
annoyance it reformatted my 64 GB drive and moved /home, /var, and /usr  to
it. Something is seriously wrong with Open Suse Leap 42. I do like the
security of Open Suse but really now.

Also you should request the .xsession-errors list  since it lists a lot of
that should be tackled - usually a messed up configuration file.

Please do not un-subscribe  me. I want to keep up with your distribution.

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> Hello!
> Manjaro goes Cloud. With our new friends at [DigitalOcean][1] we are
> currently reconstructing our infrastructure for Manjaro Linux. We will ship
> soon a new fresh forum, updated wiki and other nice features to go along
> with our upcoming 16.06 distribution release. The new SSL certificates will
> be soon available thx to [Let?sEncrypt][2].
> ![][3]
> So stay tuned for more news to come ?
> Kind regards, The Manjaro Development Team
>    [1]: https://www.digitalocean.com/
>    [2]: https://letsencrypt.org/
>    [3]: https://manjaro.github.io/images/new-forum.jpg
> URL: https://manjaro.github.io/Infrastructure-Update/
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