[manjaro-general] kudos & printer recommendation req

bill billwx at live.com
Tue Nov 10 09:36:39 CET 2015

    Hi all...I've been a Linux user for a couple years now after i could no longer justify the money for Ap* and didn't M* an option. Tried many distros and win managers with varying success, but I've settled on Manjaro xfce over all of 'em. Other than the usual internet stuff I only use a few programs, but those few are very important to me. Only with this combo am i able to have the latest versions, sometimes via the AUR. Very stable. Usable to me as a newbie, and more so as i've learned a little command line lingo. A hearty Thank You to the developers and all involved!I'm looking for a WiFi HP printer on the cheap end that is known to play well with this OS, one currently available at Staples, WalMart, etc. Any recommendations of a model? My needs are modest, just text and occasional shipping labels. Thanks for suggestions.peace-bill
    from my lg g3

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