[manjaro-general] newcomer questions

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Tue Aug 18 07:35:05 CEST 2015

Hi Bob,

I'm answering your questions within your qoute.

On 18.08.2015 05:15, Bob White wrote:
> After using Mint I've gotten rid of it and put Manjaro just a while ago. Many of the opinions of it that I saw were positive, and after some light usage it appears to me that it's a polished OS. I have some questions as a newcomer and not so knowledgeable Linux user. The site links to SourceForge which has been said to contain malware occasionally, the Manjaro ISO is clean correct? Will simply updating it suffice? Will I ever need to reinstall it for a new version of GRUB or anything?

Manjaro is a rolling release. So installation is only once needed. Our
images are clean. You can check them always with the provided checksums
on our homepage.

> While I putting the OS into the hard drive the window came with a disclaimer that it was a beta version, and to avoid doing complex set ups. I put Manjaro in a logical partition and the rest in extended partitions alongside some Windows partitions. Was this risky? Could I end up with some partially parts of my hard drive or some other issue?

Well, that line in our installer we can remove. Manjaro is stable and we
are almost 5 years online with it. Time to time we change our installer.
Having the pre-beta status is a little funny to see how users react on it ;)

> Lastly are there any bugs that I should look out for? Thanks for making this OS, from my first impressions it seems like a really good fit for me.

There will be always bugs as we can't fix them on all hardware settings.
Mostly you find answers in our forums or in our bug-tracker. Here is one
example and how we dealt with it:


kind regards

Philip Müller
Project Lead

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