[manjaro-general] 2nd Release Candidate of Manjaro Netbook 0.8.9 available!

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Tue Jan 28 19:12:13 CET 2014

We are happy to announce the second release candidate of the Manjaro Netbook Edition 0.8.9.  
The Netbook Edition has been under development for a while and 0.8.9 will be the first public release. It is optimised for small screens while being fast, elegant & intuitive.

The 32bit i686 version has a couple of additional features and is recommended for most netbooks.


**Changes since 0.8.9-rc1**

  * The non-netbook kernel included (and what runs in live mode) is now 3.12, rather than 3.10.
  * Compton now starts via a script that makes it use it's XRender backend (rather than GLX) if LLVMpipe (software-OpenGL) is being used for GL rendering. The performance drop from compositing in software OpenGL was massive, this fixes that for LLVMpipe users, though leaves them susceptible to screen tearing.
  * CrystalHD support is now enabled in the Netbook kernel and CrystalHD firmware and library are included and the GStreamer plugin is available from the repos. You may still need to manually load the module though (sudo modprobe crystalhd), and media players will still need to be configured to use it in their preferences/options.
  * An Atom-only optimised version of mplayer is now available in the repos (mplayer-netbook), it has CrystalHD support enabled and can still be useful to all Atom users due to it's processor-specific optimisations (though the difference is minimal).
  * The Netbook kernel now has GMA 500, 600 and 3600 support enabled, though the 600 & 3600 support is still listed as experimental by upstream.
  * SMB and MTP are now supported via GVFS out-of-the-box.
  * The Unmaximize panel button now toggles maximization state.

**Prominent Packages**

  * Linux Netbook 3.12.8 _(32bit i686 only)_
  * Linux 3.12.8
  * Xfce 4.11.2
  * DockBarX 0.90.3
  * Pamac 0.9.6
  * Midori 0.5.7
  * VLC 2.1.2
  * Audacious 3.4.3
  * GPicView 0.2.4
  * Compton 0.1beta2

[Download Manjaro Netbook Edition][7]

   [1]: http://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/netbook089pre-300x172.png
   [2]: http://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/netbook089pre.png (2nd Release Candidate of Manjaro Netbook 0.8.9 available!)
   [3]: http://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/netbook089rc-preview-300x172.png
   [4]: http://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/netbook089rc-preview.png (2nd Release Candidate of Manjaro Netbook 0.8.9 available!)
   [5]: http://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/netbook089rc-tiled-300x172.png
   [6]: http://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/netbook089rc-tiled.png (2nd Release Candidate of Manjaro Netbook 0.8.9 available!)
   [7]: http://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarotest/files/0.8.9/rc2/netbook/

URL: http://manjaro.org/2014/01/28/2nd-release-candidate-of-manjaro-netbook-0-8-9-available/

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