[manjaro-dev] Unable to boot current system or manjaro live session (Nvidia GPU upgrade)

Michal Babič miho.nightwalker at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 08:43:33 CET 2021

Hi all.

I have recently upgraded to 3000 series nvidia graphics and from that
moment I'm unable to boot my manjaro installed system nor can I boot from
USB. Both stop at the boot process, although on different parts, but are
not frozen as when I press ctrl alt delete for soft restart it gives me
some more messages before it actually restarts.

I am not so knowledgeable as most of you are and cannot fix it myself, I'm
more of a newbie although I've been using it for over a year.

Is there a fix being implemented to next live image that solves the nvidia
drivers problem? Until then I'm without functioning Linux os.

Kind regards
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