[manjaro-dev] Clementine / music player still corrupting tracks (taglib bug)

sylvain.saboua at free.fr sylvain.saboua at free.fr
Sat Aug 15 13:39:41 CEST 2020


Despite having attempted various solutions to correct this 
very annoying Clementine bug, which I suspect might affect
other audio players, I still get files corrupted and rendered
useless once in a while.

This happens randomly and is apparently imputable to a bug in
taglib which has been (is it ?) fixed in the last versions.

See :


I notably have attempted to compile taglib separately from
the files/packages offered by the system, yet to no avail.
Developpers on github recommend requiring the distro's devs
to fix the builtin taglib that comes with the player and/or
to fix the distro taglib.

Would you let me know if Manjaro's devs are aware of this bug
and if it should be corrected ?

Thanks in advance.


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