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Tue Jun 27 17:04:36 CEST 2017

tir, 27 06 2017 kl. 09:10 +0200, skrev Philip Müller:
> Ideas in regard for Baytrail/Cherrytrail Machines
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> Betreff: Kernel Options, and Grub
> Datum: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 22:19:00 +0200
> Von: Jahn Kohlhas <jahn at kohlhas.info>
> An: support at manjaro.org
> Hi,
> i can't see if the feedback Email via Web was sent, so i'll sent it
> here
> again:
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> ___
> Hi,
> first thanks for this nice distribution.
> Here are some things i'd really like to have changed:
> The Manjaro Grub Package and x86_64 Image have both only 64 Bit MBR
> and
> EFI compiled in and configured, wheras Grub does support 32Bit here
> to.
> You can think, ok who's so stupid and want a 32 Bit EFI with a 64 Bit
> System, and i'll tell you -> INTEL
> All their Baytrail/Cherrytrail Machines can pnly load i386-efi, but
> are
> 64 bit systems and work really well with Manjaro 64 Bit.
> So please take Archlinux as an example: They have all 32/64 Bit
> compiled
> and configured in their GRUB Package.
> What i did to get Manjaro working was loading Grub from 32 Bit Media,
> going to grub comandline and load 64 Bit config on other USB Stick.
> On Archlinux this worked out of the BOX.
> After installation of Manjaro even CALAMARES failed to configure
> because i386-efi is missing. so i had to install the Archlinux Grub
> package (or compile myself) to get this working... not good.
> I think this coulkd be easyli fixed, and won't hurt anyone, instead
> will
> help many.
> To get to Kernel:
> Please enable:
> INT33FE Driver,
> MAX17042,
> axp288_extcon
> axp288_charger
> axp288_fuel_gauge
> axp288_adc
> and rt5651 drivers.
> Their all fully tested and needed for Cherrytrail/Baytrail Tablets to
> work!
> When possible, please also enable (or provide as extra module)
> r8723bs driver, because most of cherrytrail tablets use this Wireless
> Card, this driver is in staging, so maybe an extramodule would be an
> option here.
> I hope! you can provide this with Kernel 412, it would help
> Cherrytrail
> useres so much!
> Thanks for your good work so far :)
> PS: You can answer in German, too :D
> jayki
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I recently ditched - aka sold - a Lenovo Tablet2 with 32-bit efi as it
was next to impossible to get it to work with **any** distro. The
closest I got was a Debian with with prop drivers with got me to the
the grub bootloader screen - and then - impossible to continue.

In my opinion - while many sure would like to see it happen - 32-bit
efi booting to a 64-bit os - it is a pain.

It will bring nothing but trouble and frustrated devs and equally more
more frustrated users if we touch that.

I would advise against such chemistry - it is bound to blow up in your


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