[manjaro-dev] [Release Candidate] v17.0.2 - what do we still need to polish?

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Tue Jun 6 15:52:59 CEST 2017

Hi team,

seems we are now close to our next stable release.

I noticed some request to disable 'Yaourt' in all main editions and use
Stefanos AUR-Detection-Script to assist the user.

Also we have the suggestion from Matti to include Manjaro-Architect to
our ISOs.

Both requests are good, however the later might be better for v17.1 as
it adds a new feature to the install medias, which might still need a
longer testing-cycle. However Stefano's idea is already partly done
within Gnome edition and needs only to be added to XFCE.

On the KDE side we have the request to reduce it size of the normal ISO
and Yaourt is there only installed in that edition. @Ramon: What do you

It should be all clear that we still use manjaro-tools v0.15.x series in
this cycle. I've to review the changes made to pacman, manjaro-system
and so. More or less those should be also postponed to v17.1.

Else I'm happy with the development cycle of v17.0.2, however we needed
to much Previews and have still some topics open. I hope we can find a
proper solution for them soon.

greez, Phil

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