[manjaro-dev] Suggestions for the Manjaro

Jonathon Fernyhough jonathon at manjaro.org
Wed Apr 5 18:58:01 CEST 2017

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for your suggestions, I'm happy you're so enthusiastic about

However, can I ask you again to please be considerate with your email?
There's no need to email more than one email address, and there's no
need to report the same suggestions multiple times.

On to your suggestion:

On 29/03/17 22:32, Gabriel Henrique wrote:
> the Manjaro Application
> Integration Center, which makes it better for novice users, so that it
> has the option of consulting the AUR, which has a graphical interface
> that does not display terminal, having to be beautiful and friendly to
> the end user, just as it does in the Ubuntu and / or Mint Application
> Install Center.

If you're referring to the graphical package managers, Pamac or Octopi,
then both of these are able to show applications according to category,
and both have AUR support.



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