[manjaro-dev] Suggestions for the Manjaro

Gabriel Henrique gabrielmmoderno at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 23:32:31 CEST 2017

My friends, I've been viewing a Youtube channel that is geared towards
linux, there the guy passes tutorials on distributions and also makes
analysis reviews on them, as well as use of programs and etc.
Anyway, one of the points he mentioned about Manjaro, which was a very
interesting analysis, is about the part of the Manjaro Application
Integration Center, which makes it better for novice users, so that it has
the option of consulting the AUR, which has a graphical interface that does
not display terminal, having to be beautiful and friendly to the end user,
just as it does in the Ubuntu and / or Mint Application Install Center.
I found it very interesting, this would make the Manjaro a very strong
competitor since it is in itself a beautiful distribution,
I have the suggestion of being able to display applications by category as
well as displaying a short description of all the packages in the
repository, so it's just suggestions that would make what is already good
at even better!
I hope you can consider and take into account. Hugs.
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